Saturday, January 26, 2019

Bleed Margins

For anybody who is designing a printed product that requires colors to extend to the edge of their documents, you need to "bleed"
A bleed is a practice of extending your image past the edge of the paper. For example, if your final product is 4"x4"; the document that you need to produce should be 4.25"x4.25". This 1/8th inch of extra design will allow for the cutting of the final product.
In order to produce a final product that extends your design from edge to edge, we need a "bleed" of 1/8th of an inch to cut from the white paper. Sending a product with a properly formatted bleed will save the cost of set-up during the proofing process.

Click here to download our business card template. This design demonstrates bleed margins. You can download other templates here.
Here are some helpful articles:
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